Use Cases


We envision numerous use cases that highlight the potential of the EmpyrealSDK in facilitating innovative DeFi solutions. Essentially, a dApp is a self-functioning entity that operates through on-chain invocations. Our primary focus with dApps is to empower users to automate their strategies.

Our indexer module is designed to provide accurate reporting to protocols, focusing on specific changes rather than raw data. Often, dApp developers lack sufficient monitoring for their protocol's security. There are numerous instances where a protocol was exploited without the developers being aware until being informed via a tweet. This module can enhance the efficiency of dApp developers, empowering them to construct more sophisticated alert systems.

With the Enclave, we can create abstractions on wallets that allow for increased security. This allows us to invoke specific functions on behalf of a wallet should certain conditions be met. For instance, should there be a potentially exploitable change in a particular protocol parameter, we can automate the execution of the wallet’s 'pause' function. Immediately following this, we send a message to alert the protocol team. This automation and monitoring not only optimize protocol security but also help teams react swiftly and effectively to potential threats.

EmpyrealSDK also aims to enable developers to effortlessly monitor 24-hour yields on various pairs (e.g. on Uniswap v3), optimize liquidity allocation ranges, and automatically adjust strategies based on real-time conditions - all without the complexities of Web3 development. Our goal is to allow developers to concentrate on their specific business logic rather than grappling with technological intricacies.

One particularly compelling scenario involves developing trading systems for cross-margin activities, where users leverage their assets to mitigate risk exposure and promptly rebalance their collateral when transactions arrive to the mempool. This process significantly reduces liquidation risk and ensures users can adapt effectively and safely to rapid market fluctuations.

Furthermore, we are exploring possibilities where developers, after creating a strategy, can automate fund management or establish a strategic fund in which others can allocate capital. This has the potential to democratize access to well-crafted trading strategies for non-technical end users.

We are not only laying a solid foundational framework with EmpyrealSDK but also working towards a future where complexities are minimized, allowing for a wide range of use cases to be explored and realized with reduced friction and enhanced efficiency in the DeFi space. This remains our unwavering focus and aspiration as we continue to develop and refine EmpyrealSDK.


In addition to the featureset discussed in Automation, we have made significant progress in developing onchain applications that facilitate functionalities of the SDK.

One such development is the Enclave, a secure compute environment. It seamlessly connects to logical operations on any supported blockchain chain, increasing the scope of potential features for the SDK.

Our wallet abstraction module is another example, which we submitted in October 2023 for the Oasis Privacy4Web3 Hackathon, and which went on to win the top prize in the “Best use of Sapphire for scalable privacy” category. This module allows a user to delegate specific contract-related tasks to an external wallet with precision. It opens up a possibility for users to automate their portfolio according to a multichain trading strategy. At the same time, it establishes strong safeguards to prevent us from taking certain actions on their behalf. These privileges can be revoked at any moment.

We're also in the process of deploying our custom DEX router contracts, which will improve our trading automation and fee retrieval process. Our philosophy of simplifying Web3 development is centered around building efficient tooling onchain.

Building on Arbitrum brings several unique benefits to our project. Its robust bridging infrastructure, lower fees, and quicker finality give application developers an edge.

Similarly, users may not need to understand the chain they are interacting with if they use a well-designed application with wallet abstraction. As we grow our managed liquidity, bridging this liquidity to Arbitrum appears increasingly advantageous.

For instance, a token doesn't necessarily need to support a multichain strategy officially. If we notice a large number of users trading a particular token, we can consolidate their positions, tokenize it on Arbitrum, and offer fully custodial trading of that token at significantly lower gas costs.


EmpyrealSDK plays a crucial role in the world of blockchain automation, providing bot developers with significant advantages. The main challenge in blockchain development lies in the isolation of knowledge and the presence of redundant development cycles. This leads to inefficiencies as multiple engineers independently tackle the same problems, harming the ecosystem.

To address this challenge, EmpyrealSDK offers a simplified yet powerful framework for creating Telegram integrations with the SDK. Its mission is to democratize development capabilities and potentially establish a gold standard for streamlined functionalities that can be shared and leveraged by others, resulting in a more efficient development process. We have created a custom tailored framework for bot development that abstracts significant complexity in integrating a trading strategy with a multi-level Telegram menu. By doing this, we are enabling developers to focus on business logic and not have to spend extensive time learning the complexities of Telegram and Web3 APIs.

What sets EmpyrealSDK apart in this competitive space is its focus on simplicity and efficiency in the development process. It achieves this by abstracting user-related queries, such as executing swaps, retrieving swap history, obtaining token prices, and calculating Profit and Loss (PNL). By doing so, the SDK significantly simplifies developers' tasks and contributes to the efficient capture and distribution of knowledge. It consolidates insights from various development efforts into a user-friendly, streamlined platform.

We envision a scenario where EmpyrealSDK, with its low friction and high utility, becomes the preferred choice for bot developers. They can use it for prototyping, data analysis, strategy development, and ultimately deliver these strategies to users on platforms like Telegram. Simplifying the process of building innovative tools is central to our mission. The simplicity is likely to inspire more developers to participate, leading to a net positive impact as adoption spreads. Additionally, the SDK will encourage the exploration and implementation of new primitives not only within the broader blockchain space but also specifically within DeFi.

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