Ticker: $EMP

Chain: Arbitrum

Total Supply

Total supply as of the publication of this white paper is 300,000 $EMP. All tokens are in circulation. We will leave open the possibility of a one-off supply increase of 11% to 333,333 no sooner than January 31st, 2024, if there is appropriate justification and community support for it. The increased supply (33,333 tokens) will have a 6-month cliff and will be linearly vested over no less than 24 months. These tokens will be allocated with 8% to the team (new and existing hires) and 3% to growth initiatives (marketing and partnerships). Since there was no team allocation during the TGE, this supply increase is left as an option in the case that the team wants to create additional supply to facilitate growth.

Revenue Share Model

The intention behind the business model is to ensure long-term sustainability of the project, providing meaningful upside to investors, and a solid foundation for EmpyrealSDK’s growth as the project matures.

  • A fee of 0.35% will be applied to every transaction enabled via the EmperyalSDK modules.

  • 50% of accrued revenues will be shared with $EMP token stakers once daily revenue exceeds $2,500 for at least 15 days in a 30-day period.

  • In the intervening period (when daily revenue is <$2,500), the proceeds will be gathered in a reward pool. Once the revenue threshold is reached, the accumulated amount in the pool will be distributed to stakers in proportion outlined above over a 3-month period.


Specific implementation will be defined and shared by the end of Q4 ‘23. However, we commit to the following underlying principles:

  • There will be no minimum requirement of $EMP tokens for staking eligibility.

  • We wish to incentivize long-term project participation by introducing an APR reward mechanism for staking participants. It will be ONE of the following:

    • A reward mechanism with a lock-up period of up to 6 months. Participants are rewarded proportionally to the length of time they have staked (e.g. via a -ve token system), OR

    • A linearly increasing reward system, where multiplier points are accrued based on the period of time each wallet’s tokens have been locked up. This is similar to GMX’s approach and rewards users for supporting the protocol without creating a lockup for users.


No taxes beyond the standard trading fees that apply to platforms like Uniswap.

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