Market Analysis

We believe there is a clear demand for EmpyrealSDK due to existing gaps and inefficiencies in blockchain and Web3 development tools. Current tools, often deemed suboptimal by developers, predominantly focus on Solidity testing, while neglecting other crucial aspects of Web3 development. EmpyrealSDK stands out by focusing on DeFi tooling, an area that has received limited attention so far.

Although there are similar tools in the market, they often cater to different needs, such as dashboard creation, alerting, or data provision, and may not align with the actual trading and diverse developer requirements in the DeFi space.

Existing solutions, like APIs from DEXTools or DEX Screener, have strict rate limitations. Others, like The Graph, prioritize data aggregation from event data and decentralization, which might not be direct competitors but could be potential partners. On the other hand, Alchemy, while offering some convenient services, often falls short of developers' requirements, with certain features, such as its alerting API, being notably limiting.

EmpyrealSDK is being developed with a focus on providing a simple API that facilitates tasks like retrieving the past 24 hours of trading data for a token through a straightforward RPC or REST call, among other functions. It aims to be a developer-friendly tool, designed with the practical needs and desires of developers (like the team themselves) in mind, offering functionalities that are currently either non-existent or significantly limited in the blockchain development space.

The team also recognizes a demand not only for innovative modules but also for a platform similar to Hiroku or a hosted Airflow, where users who are reluctant to set up traditional cloud accounts can simply use crypto to pay for API calls and application hosting. This aligns with the growing trend and desire for more decentralized payment processing, as well as improved overall usability and access to development tools.

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