Core Team and Advisors

Core Team:

  • Johnny (Founder and Lead Developer): Johnny is a seasoned Systems Engineer with a wealth of experience in enterprise-level technology. Prior to starting Empyreal, he worked as a Software Engineer at a FAANG company. Johnny brings a strong passion for programming, particularly in Rust, Python, and Functional Programming.

  • Bill (Co-founder): Active in the crypto space since 2017, Bill helps oversee non-dev related work-streams across community engagement, marketing, business development, and operations.

  • Greg Ivanov (Strategy & Operations). Greg is a General Partner at 22/7. He previously spent 12 years at Google in various product strategy and business development roles focussing on enabling and growing developer ecosystems (Google Play, AR, VR, Android TV and Android Auto).

  • Iggy (Content Lead). A storyteller with 15 years of marketing experience, Iggy has spearheaded customer-facing content experiences for diverse companies, ranging from SaaS start-ups to blue-chip tech giants.


  • fakeguru (Strategy & Branding). Fakeguru has 20 years of international experience in creative production. He contributes insights to strategy, team operations, product, and branding rooted in his deep experience.

  • Effy (Business Development). Effy is a partner at Sneaky Ventures, a pseudo-anon crypto and crypto-adjacent proprietary venture capital fund that has incubated numerous early stage projects. He has been active in the crypto space since the summer of 2020.

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