The Web3/crypto domain has evolved similarly to the early stages of the internet. Its vast potential remains largely untapped due to accessibility challenges. Most frameworks are very low level and require domain understanding of Solidity. For example, a developer typically will not be able to make a swap transaction without an understanding of transaction gas, priority fees, contract ABIs, DEX architectures, and many more concepts. There are very few tools that facilitate interacting with decentralized protocols. In addition to this, monitoring and automation infrastructure is very limited outside of Keeper networks, which also require a significant amount of domain expertise.


EmpyrealSDK is driven by a vision to democratize the crypto space, similar to how Shopify revolutionized ecommerce and Stripe streamlined payments processing for everyday users. With the SDK, we aim to empower developers, regardless of their blockchain knowledge, to contribute to Web3 innovations.

Complementing this is the Enclave, an award-winning pioneering solution that merges privacy with yield generation. Utilizing the first integration of Oasis Privacy Layer on the market, the Enclave facilitates encrypted state and transaction activities, ensuring holders can wrap tokens, execute transactions, and unwrap back to their wallets with robust end-to-end encryption.

Problem Statement

The majority of developers, skilled in conventional programming languages, feel disconnected from the Web3 landscape due to the unique demands of languages like Solidity. This disconnect not only hinders individual developers but also prevents enterprises from integrating Web3 functionalities. EmpyrealSDK aims to bridge this gap by opening the doors of crypto innovation to a broader developer community.

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